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Imagine that you could seize the up to $100,000 or more of revenue that you constantly leave on the table by continuing to teach, coach, and train without fresh, new product or 
with no product at all . . .

Let our Custom Cash-Generating Curriculum™ Experts create a brand-specific, saleble product that will energize, refresh, and hook your audiences for years to come.
The product that we produce for you will establish, or reestablish, you as a leading expert in your industry. It is proven that the unique content that we create for you will also instantly position you to easily accomplish two other very important things:
  1. You will make your current customers happy by giving them several more opportunities to learn from and buy from you.
  2. You will attract new customers who are enthusiastic about learning from and buying from you too.

Are You Already A Highly-Paid Speaker, Author, Coach Or Executive With A Large Following?

Then you already know that statistics prove that it is 6-7 times more costly for you to attract one new customer than it is for you to retain an existing customer. Consequently, you have to quickly find new ways to refresh and present your core messages. 
You have to constantly find smart ways to increase your profits and one of the smartest things that you can do is to keep offering new content to your current fan base.
Your current customers love you! That is why they are always asking, "What's next?" And of course you have to speedily respond to their demand without investing your extremely valuable time into doing all of the work yourself.  You do not have time for that, yet it is critical for you to sustain the momentum and the status that you have worked so hard to create.
With your Custom Cash-Generating Curriculum™ Experts at your service, you will always have fresh, relevant, research-supported content to sell.  

Are you an up and coming speaker, author, coach or executive with a smaller following or no following at all yet?

Congratulations on getting started now!
It is urgent that you make a decision to take the action because, even without a large fan base, with the right content to sell, you can still enjoy very nice profits and some of the benefits of elite speakers, coaches, authors, and executives. 
The only difference between you and them is that they know and consistently use this secret, proven strategy of producing and selling stellar content.  They have mastered how to make themselves content millionaires and their mastering of this skill has sky-rocketed their brands, and their incomes, all without them investing their personal time into making it happen.
     Do you want to take the ridiculous   amounts of money off the table that you        constantly lose when you insist on          working with the same old products or      
                    with no product at all?
Then look no further because the Custom Cash-Generating Curriculum™ that our talented team of specialists research and write especially for you is going to afford you measurable and dramatic increases in clarity, credibility, and cash-flow.  You will:
  1. Cause people to acknowledge that you are a leading authority in the market place;
  2. Naturally and significantly increase your profit margin;
  3. Easily expand your customer and client base.
Let's be honest, becoming a highly paid speaker, author, coach, or executive is not easy!  If you have already earned six and more figures as a professional in any one of these industries you already know that it is not easy. 
Likewise, if you are still working to earn six figures or more as a speaker, author, coach, executive, or entrepreneur you know that it is not easy.
A regardless of which category you fall into it never happens as fast as you want it to.
It was Monty Hall who said, "Actually, I'm an overnight success, but it took twenty years."

What's the lesson? You will earn and sustain the respect and the money that you deserve.  It's not something that happens overnight, but I can assure you there are some shortcuts.
Of course you want to have quality content from which you can create multiple, saleable products and services that will attract new customers and keep current customers happy and engaged with your brand, but you just haven't found the right service or the right professionals to help you meet your need.
That is exactly where I come in.

Don’t Take My Word For It

"Jéneen Barlow co-authored my Advanced Train The Trainer Course with the utmost professionalism, grace, and skill.  Her ability to listen to me, to grasp my vision for the course, and then to organize the years of video, audio , and text from my robust body of work into a coherent, teachable 3-day, 15 course, 101 module training event was both impressive and quite beneficial.  Jéneen is organized, efficient, and delightful to work with."

Barry Donalson

CEO and President of Momentum Marketing Group
Chicago, IL

"Just reading the outline that Jéneen drafted for me brought tears to my eyes and satisfaction to my heart . . . For so long I have wanted something like this to assist my message."

Dr. Daphne Clarke

President & Founder, Marquee Global  Coaching
New Milford , CT

Exactly Why Are You 
The Custom Content  Experts?

We are Omar & Jéneen Barlow and our firm specializes in designing and writing curriculum.  

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We create customized teaching and training manuals to assist you in communicating to your public all of the important concepts and expertise that you speak, write, coach, and train on.
Numerous for-profit and non-profit leaders appoint us to design and write for their companies.  We are trained educators with experience as a teachers, administrators and consultants to grades K-16. We have designed programs and written curricula for numerous businesses, universities, and non-profit organizations. 
We took special joy in working to found and develop the Charter School of which Omar is the CEO and Principal. The school features a cutting-edge curriculum that incorporates our very own Destiny Statement™ Process which is explained in our second book in our Don't Be Scared Series.  That book, foreworded by Dr. Willie Jolley, is entitled Don't Be Scared. Live on Purpose!  
We have designed curriculum for ultra-successful, high-profile, businessmen and women from various industries, as well as for, new speakers, authors, coaches, and executives.  We enjoy and have proven success with consulting for seasoned, as well as, new professionals.  
In addition to our experiences, we personally authored two books and have been professional speakers and coaches for over 14 years. As a result, we have an intimate understanding of the industry and of what you have to do in order to both share your heart-centered, skills-transforming messages and to make the money you deserve to in the process. 
You absolutely can help people and make money. 

You deserve to do what you are passionate about and be paid well for doing it. 

You should start by Scheduling your 30-minute Complimentary Strategy Session.

Whether you are a star speaker, author, coach, or executive or whether you are just getting started, we literally draw the information from brief interviews with you or from the content that you already have.  We codify the processes and lessons that you have been sharing, or that you want or need to share, with your audience and then produce a top-quality, saleble product from which you can immediately begin to create multiple streams of income!
Let me answer a few commonly asked questions:
What is a curriculum?
A curriculum is a set or course of study. It is composed of courses and modules on a particular topic. Traditionally, the term is used in education.
What you know, as a speaker, author, coach, or executive however, is that you are an educator. Aren't you?
Of course you are!
Furthermore, to  paraphrase Marketing Genius, Mr. Trevor Otts, you are doing business in an age likened to that of The Gold Rush of 1849.  The difference is that in this Content Rush of the 21st Century everyone can take celebrate their discovery of golden nuggets and bottles filled with gold dust because the gold in this rush is content, and every single one of you has content!
What you don't have is content that is suited specifically for you . . .
That's exactly why you need your very own Custom Cash-Generating Curriculum™ that codifies the key themes and organizes the concepts that you speak, write, coach and teach on.
  • Create your best life and business with your very own Custom Cash Generating Curriculum
  • In record time, establish or maintain yourself as an Expert
  • Earn the status and income of a Leading Authority
  • Generate more revenue doing what you love to do
  • Create More Cash-flow 

  • Outpace your competition

  • Charge Much More for your Products and Services!
Now, let me ask you a few questions:
  • Are you tired of presenting before audiences and then
    leaving the stage and having to answer their enthusiastic requests for your products and services by saying, "No,
    I'm sorry.  I don't have a book on this yet.  I don't have an advanced training program yet. I'm still working on my
    course for this. It's not ready yet."
  • Is it hard to keep telling your faithful followers who have attended all of your events and purchased all of your CDs,
    books, and DVDs that you do not have anything new and
    fresh to offer them yet?

  • Do you honestly feel like you are slighting your coaching
    clients because you do not have a real course of study or a
    legitimate scope and sequence to take them through when
    they coach with you?

  • Is it hard to speak for free or earn the fee you desire because you have no product to sell or no written materials or
    programs that establish you as a leading authority or expert
    in your field?

  •  Are you tired of leaving the several thousands of dollars on
    the table that you would have made from the back of the
    room after speaking if you had products and services to sell?
I know exactly how you feel because my husband and I spoke nationally for over seven years and we had absolutely no product and very limited services.
As part-time, professional speakers we earned just over $35,000 a year without marketing and advertising and without hosting events.  The audiences we spoke before enjoyed us so much that every engagement that we were offered either came from word-of-mouth or from a referral. At that stage in our career, we had not mastered the business aspects of speaking, writing, and coaching, and selling from the stage.  
We were both working full-time while speaking and speaking was just a hobby. Consequently, we settled for the $3,000-$10,000 dollars that we were compensated to speak never realizing that we were leaving much more money on the table at every single each event at which we spoke because we had nothing to sell!
Frankly, after several times speaking, Omar and I became embarrassed to attend this one large leadership conference at which we spoke annually.  The event hosted thousands of administrators and student leaders from across the nation.  The conference was so popular that although the event drew new leaders annually, certain people attended the conference every single year. They were "regulars."  
We often spoke for three days straight and our sessions were always standing room only.  Every year the people would ask, "Have you written a book yet?"  "Where can I purchase your CDs and DVDs?"  We had SO much rich content that writing volumes of books, courses, and trainings was not even the issue.  
The major reasons we had not maximized the potential to establish ourselves as leading authorities on our topics and the main reasons we had not cashed in on our opportunity to become content millionaires were:
  1. We felt like we did not have the time to synthesize and organize our content.  It was just too much work to put into a hobby!
  2. We were blind to the immediate, significant, residual financial benefits that we would have enjoyed if we were prepared to sell after every event at which we presented and to every client and customer we had developed relationships with over the years.
Nonetheless, we eventually became more serious about our craft, we began to steadily invest our money and time into receiving the high-end coaching that we needed to improve our business. As we learned, we quickly took the actions that were necessary and it dramatically changed our business.

We devoured the books and CDs of Dr. Alan Weiss and Jay Abraham. 
We continued to hone our speaking and consulting skills from Master Speakers and Mentors such as the incredibly brilliant and kind, Dr. Willie and Dee Jolley.
We also invested in studying under a gentlemen who is inarguably one of the world's most celebrated, most dynamic motivational speakers of all time, Mamie Brown's baby boy himself, Mr. Les Brown. . .
We wanted change. So, as I explain in depth in my book, Don't Be Scared. BEspeak! How to Prepare, present and Inspire Your Audience to Take Action we made the sacrifices of time, initiative, energy, and money that are required in order to experience real change.
I became the protegé of Mr. Barry Donalson, an ingenious businessman who has produced extraordinary results as a Certified Professional Network Marketer.  His areas of expertise include networking, marketing, NLP, speaking and sales.  As a matter of fact, Mr. Donalson wrote the foreword to my first book.
We always delivered tremendous value and energy to our audiences.  That's why they love us!  But once I personally experienced the joy of adding a lot of value by sharing messages for which I had passion and expertise in combination with the satisfaction of consistently matching or exceeding my speaker's fee I was hooked!
And just think, all that I did was use the skills and expertise that I used for years as a researcher and writer of curriculum and as a program designer for corporations except now, as I had been taught by Jay Abraham, I was using my skills to increase my bottom line instead of someone else's.
Now I offer my ability to create a custom curriculum that will generate cash-producing products and services to YOU!
Just imagine yourself confidently speaking about the topics that you love and have mastered.  You look and feel extraordinary. The differences now are:
  • Because you have a strategically designed course, you can literally write your own paycheck every single time you speak, coach, or train. 
  • Whether you are presenting live or virtually, your product
    and the services you create from it, have the potential to
    earn you exponentially more than when you were speaking
    with nothing to sell at all or with the recycled trainings that
    you have carried around for years because you have no time
    to even think about writing new content.   

  • Instead of wondering how to help your coaching clients 
    and fumbling to explain what your program consist of, you
    have a professionally designed system that is in synergy with your philosophies and that takes your clients through a cumulative course of study.

  • Because your work is documented, you can instantly
    command higher speaking fees and you are viewed by conference planners and the audiences before whom
    you present as a leading authority.

  • Now, with your Custom Cash-Generating Curriculum™,
    you answer your adoring, excited fans with an emphatic,
    "Yes!  I have several new products and services available
    to you.  Just visit my table at the back of the room and
    choose everything you need."
Does this sound too good to be true?
Well, it's not if you have the right person to extract the brilliant ideas that you have been carrying around in your mind for years.  It is far from too good to be true if you collaborate with a skilled researcher and writer who not only understands curriculum design and stellar teaching and learning techniques but who knows exactly how to write in ways that help you to both teach and sell your cash-generating content.
That's why we created the Custom Cash-Generating Curriculum™, to help people just like you to overcome your content deficient so that you can instantly and dramatically increase your profits.
Whether you have more content than you can even organize or whether you have no content at all, with our "done for you" executive service, you can enjoy all of these benefits with a minimal investment of your time and energy.
We help you to dramatically increase your profits by offering your audiences fresh, new products and services.  You will create extra streams of income and earn the ability to charge your clients much, much, more money. 
As a matter of fact, your Custom Cash-Generating Curriculum will attract high-end clients to you like crazy!
If writing and selling high-quality, saleable, course curricula was easy to do, every speaker, coach, executive, and entrepreneur would have one, right?
The fact is that it is NOT EASY to properly research, interview, review and codify the existing content of professional and experts who have been speaking, training and teaching for years but who . . .
  1. Need fresh, new product and services to sell but who do not have the time to create them.
  2. Have been sharing their message or program for years while losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales due to speaking without products and services.
Our team of experienced, expert educators, researchers, and course designers do all of the work that it takes to produce a comprehensive, organized, professional-looking, profitable course. And it is all custom-made especially for you!
This service can save your years of losing money.  To make it even better, you won't have to invest the time and money required to try to learn how to do this on your own.
Are just getting started as a speaker, coach, executive, or entrepreneur?
DO NOT WORRY.  You are in the right place at the right time.
We can help you too!  In fact, it is a good thing that you have connected with us to get your Custom Cash-Generating Curriculum before your career is established.  Getting your premium product and service at this stage of your career just positions you to earn more money, charge more money, and establish yourself as an expert in your industry right away!
If you are already an established speaker, coach, executive, or entrepreneur who has a strong lead generation and following, consider these important statistics:
  • It is 6-7 times more costly to attract a new customer
    than it is to retain an existing customer.
    (White House Office of Consumer Affairs)

  • A 10% increase in customer retention levels result in
    a 30% increase in the value of the company.
     (Bain & Co)
Stop recycling and repackaging old information.
Protect the enterprise that you have worked so hard to build.
Make a more than reasonable investment that will help you to retain your customers and increase the value of your company.
  • Statistically, your probability of selling to a new prospect
    is only 5 to 20%

  • 60-70% Probability of selling to an existing customer.  (Source: Marketing Metrics)
Your Custom Cash-Generating Curriculum will serve your current customer base in multiple ways. 
You have so many outstanding options!
You will sell the custom course we create for you as an:
  • E-book
  • A training manual
  • A value-added accompaniment to your high-end packages
  • A product at your conferences, workshops and seminars
  • To broker deals if clients cannot pay your speaking fee
  • Guide from which you certify trainers who will pay you to
    teach your content
As the statistics warn, it is paramount that you keep your existing customers excited and engaged by providing them with fresh, new content.  It is what they want and need. Your new material affirms you as the leading authority in your industry and ultimately produces another stream of income for you!
Create New Business and Dramatically Increase Your Income
  • The National Speakers Association survey reported that, in
    2007, speakers earned $177,000. The survey said that most
    of that income was not earned from speaking, but from
    selling product. (Inc. 5000)
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